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Volunteer with a Spirit of Friendly Good-Fellowship

The Okanogan Family Faire is run by those who organize and participate. Our membership is comprised of volunteers who give a minimum of 8 hours service per

year, above what volunteer time is bartered for a T-Shirt


  We are a family of like minded people with a spirit of friendly good-fellowship. Benefits include improved camaraderie & wholesome meals from our volunteer kitchen.


Benefits of Volunteering

 Fine camaraderie and wholesome meals form our volunteer kitchen & our OFF T-Shirt


Volunteer Bus

 If you wish to volunteer at the Faire, please sign-up in at the Volunteer Bus as you arrive. 

      Volunteer Kitchen     


How to Volunteer at the Faire...



 Pay at gate & receive your entry ticket.


2-Sign Up @ Bus

 Check at the Volunteer Bus for needed positions.



 You'll be assigned a coordinator, a location and the time slot for your volunteer commitment. 



 Fulfill your volunteer service with the coordinator and they will confirm your service.


Monday - Post Faire Clean-Up / No Vending

 Volunteers are needed for clean-up day. You're encouraged to stay through Mon-

day if you become a part of the on-site clean-up crew.


Become A Member 

Thank You for Your Volunteerism


A successful Event



Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Who We Are


Volunteer Contacts

The Okanogan Family Faire is a 501c4 non-profit organization whose mission supports cultural projects and education in the Okanogan.

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